Asia is popular among tourists for their temples, shrines, and pagodas, rice fields or paddies, exotic nature, and hospitality, though here in our newest review, we gathered five lesser known tourist attractions that are destined to make you see Asia’s other aspects.

5 Lesser Known Tourist Destinations in Asia hut

1. An Bang Beach, Vietnam

5 Lesser Known Tourist Destinations in Asia An Bang Beach

One of the best places to be in Vietnam, though still a little off the beaten path is An Bang Beach. As far as beaches go, An Bang Beach has great bars and eating places, cultural nights, fun friendly people, and beautiful scenery. Mostly, tourists frequent this beach and the locals set up their own souvenir shops. The horizon as seen from the coasts of the beach is stunning. The rest of the day and night makes for a breathtaking experience.

2. Ratu Boko, Indonesia

5 Lesser Known Tourist Destinations in Asia Ratu Boko

For culture aficionados and the religious, the Ratu Boko is worth the trek. Nestled on the ridge of the Thousand Hills in Indonesia, the Ratu Boko palace complex is what remains of an old structure that’s an valuable archaeological site. What’s said is that the Ratu Boko was a fortified palace complex with defensive structures. Its foundation and a number of bathing pools, among others, remain. Pilgrims make the journey for the water from a mysterious well of the site which they believe is sacred.

From a pavilion high up the Ratu Boko, pilgrims can view the Prambanan temple nearby along with Mt Merapi.

3. Wuyuan, China

5 Lesser Known Tourist Destinations in Asia Wuyuan

Wuyuan is free from hordes of tourists that visit other counties in China. But, it’s a good starting point if you want to discover one of the most picturesque places in the country. The Chinese county of the Jianxi province is remotely situated and proves difficult to get around in. Though, its weather is pleasant and the fine, ancient architecture and the natural attractions  – from mountains, lakes, caves – add different dimensions to your experience in an unspoiled and culturally and naturally rich territory.

4. Phnom Kulen, Cambodia

5 Lesser Known Tourist Destinations in Asia Phnom Kulen

This Cambodian mountain range holds a storied history and a lot of significance not only to the people but to tourists who visit it for its raw beauty. It has a sanctuary and the place is a National Park. Phnom Kulen’s waterfalls are a must-see while Hindus and Buddhists regard the site and its waters with special religious significance. The Kbal Sepean has a number of fertility and religious carvings. On the riverbed, there are further 1,000 tiny linga carvings etched onto the stone.

5. Gyeongju Historic Areas, South Korea

5 Lesser Known Tourist Destinations in Asia Gyeongju Historic Areas

The Gyeongju Historic Areas are a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Site. They’re at times considered one of the largest outdoor museums in the world. Artifacts from the Silla Kingdom, and the Buddhist art and architecture – from stunning temples, palaces, pagodas, and more – are protected in these areas. A number of distinct belts with their own main attractions comprise the Gyeongju Historic Areas.

Wandering off the most popular tourist hotspots in Asia can bring you to different levels of experience. Asia is filled with culture, history, and spirituality, and these five attractions represent off the beaten path places you could consider.

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