Austrian Airlines

The flag carrier of Austria and the subsidiary of Lufthansa Group. Austrian Airlines AG or sometimes shortened to Austrian, is a member of the Star Alliance. It fles to 6 domestic destinations and more than 120 international destinations year-round, and seasonal destinations in 55 countries. It has a fleet size of 81 and carries the slogan that ensures their passenger to experience: the charming way to fly.


Origins and Ownership

kay-kratky-ceoThe airline was formed in 1957 by the merger of Air Austria and Austrian Airways; but traces its history at the founding of Austrian Airways back in 1923. During in the year 2000s, the airline expanded through the acquisition of Rheintalflug and Lauda Air, and adopted the shortened Austrian name in 2003. Throughout the decade, Austrian (Airlines) sustained several year of losses, making its owner–the Austrian Government advised to sell the said airline to a foreign company in 2008. The Lufthansa Group purchased the airline after the approval of the European Commission in 2009; following an investigation into the tendering process.

Kay Kratky was born on May 5, 1968 in Frankfurt. Since August 1, 201,Kratky belongs to the Executive Board of Austrian Airlines as Chief Executive Officer. He is responsible for the divisions of finance, business development & corporate strategy, corporate communications, technical operations, human resource & organisation and legal affairs & compliance and as well as internal Audit.   

What people are saying

Austrian Airlines must have been giving its passengers the convenience of flying with them, as series of average to best reviews were posted throughout the internet, giving the airline a good reputation and making their passengers come back for more. These reviews talks about how spacious their seats were, how accommodating and professional their staffs were and how smooth the flight was. Here’s some of those reviews:


We have made several trips overseas on numerous airlines but Austrian was the best yet. Outstanding service from ticket purchase to the end of our flight. The food was even great! Departure was early, staff very friendly and drinks served frequently. The legroom and seating was average for an international flight. We will definitely fly with Austrian again!”
—Kfrank579 (Denver, Pennsylvania)


“Austrian took me by surprise as my first flight was in a small plane with the propellers on the outside, so I was expecting the worst, but oh surprise when I was onboard the plane. Very comfortable and plenty of space between the seats. My second flight was the longest one, and exactly the same, plenty of room between seats! The only thing that is not the best is the food (as most airlines), but service is great and probably offered more often than other airlines. Entertainment is good with great new movies, tv shows and even some concerts. The airport at Vienna is amazing, very easy to move around and even has smoking sections if you need to use them.”
—Viktor_reviews (Mexico City, Mexico)


The Website


The website allows the user to book a flight, do an online check-in, book a hotel, book a car rental service, and even check and manage the user’s booking account. The website shows a minimalistic yet animated interface, with white background, peppered with photos and travel-related informations. The airline’s social media accounts are also linked on the lower part of the page, clicking them will redirect you to their social page. You can check their website by clicking this link.

Contact information

  • Website URL:
  • Contact number: +43 5 1766 1000
  • Contact Email:
  • Fax Number: +43 1 6886 526
  • Head Office Address: Office Park 2, PO Box 100, A-1301 Vienna-Airport, 1300 Vienna, Austria



With their superb services, professional and enthusiastic staff, with spacious seats and tasty meals and snacks. You’ve probably think that’ you’ve board the wrong plane, but that’s what Austrian Airlines is all about: providing high-class service to its passenger whether if it’s a domestic or an international long-haul flight, it doesn’t matter if you’re into the economy or first class. If you’re flying with Austrian Airlines, you’ll experience an efficient, smooth, hassle-free and a very convenient flight.  

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