Fiji Airways

Air Pacific Limited, trading as Fiji Airways is the flag carrier airline of Fiji. The airline operates international and domestic services to 10 countries and 17 cities around the Pacific Ocean, including Oceania, United States and Hong Kong. Fiji Airways annually transports almost two-thirds of the visitors to the country. The Fiji government owns 52% of the airline and Qantas 46% with the governments of several Pacific Island nations holding the remainder.

Origins and Ownership

The airline was founded by Australian aviator: Harold Gatty, who in 1931 had been the navigator on a record-breaking round-the-world flight with Wiley Post. Gatty moved to Fiji after the second World War and registered the airline in 1947 as Katafanga Estates Ltd., Gatty renamed the airline as Fiji Airways in September 1951. After being acquired by Qantas in 1958, Katafanga Estates was retooled as a regional airline and renamed Air Pacific. In May 2012, the airline announced that it would reintroduced the name: Fiji Airways to reinforce its role as the national airline of Fiji.  

Fiji Airways

What people are saying

I’ve been reading a lot of reviews lately, regarding the services and offers that the airline provides, and I think it’s safe to say that Fiji Airways provides good services towards their passengers. Given the fact that they have comfortable seats ready for every cabin classes, the warm hospitality of their staff is far more appreciating especially how they assist their customers, when it comes with their concerns. Here are some of the reviews that I’ve read and gathered:

Fiji Airways Economy

Given the limited legroom they were kind enough to relocate me to the exit aisle seats for greater comfort. Excellent customer service. I have never been asked before on any airline.”
—xstasy0910 (Suva Fiji)

Fiji Airways Meals

“Some of the warmest and friendly people to fly with. Equip was a A 330 with a 2-4-2 configuration. Expense very good when flying out of Brisbane. Very good healthy meals breakfast and free drinks, esp the white wine. Natural Fijians as Flight Attendants in island dress for men and woman, Very smooth flight.”
—474dal (Fort Myers, Florida)

Fiji Airways Business Class

The flight was 11 hours but comfortable. The flight attendants were courteous & friendly. They served 2 meals and complimentary cocktails. Since the flight was long, passengers were encouraged to get up and walk in the aisle. Each seat had it’s own TV with tons of movies and other options.”
—Carole S (Visalia, California)

The Website

Fiji Airways Website

A very stylish website that welcomes you with different photos of different cities that presents a vivid and lively nighttime scenic views. The website allows the user to have an online check-in, manage their bookings, check their flight status, and of course: search and book their desire flights. Scrolling down, you will discover some of the website’s promotional advertisements, in which you can check out for more information, by clicking this link.  

Contact information

  • Website URL: Air Pacific Centre Nasoso Road Nadi Airport, Fiji
  • Contact number: +679 6 720 777
  • Contact Email:
  • Fax Number: +679 6 720 512
  • Head Office Address:

Fiji Airways


A very stylish and convenient airline that provides comfort and outstanding hospitality. With their friendly and courteous crew, comfy and relaxing seats, a variety of in-flight entertainment; flying with Fiji Airways must be a one wonderful trip.

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