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Korean Air is the largest airline and the flag carrier of South Korea based on fleet size, international destinations and international flights. Korean Air’s international passenger division and related subsidiary cargo division together, serves one-hundred twenty-seven cities, in forty-four countries, as its domestic division serves twelve destinations. Korean Air is among the top 20 airlines of the world in terms of passengers carried as well as the top-ranked international cargo airline.

Korean air is the parent company of Jin Air and is a founding member of the SkyTeam airline alliance. The alliance has since become the second largest in the world, behind Star Alliance. Incheon Airport serves as Korean Air’s International Hub, as well as the airline maintains a satellite headquarters campus at Incheon. The majority of Korean Air’s pilots, ground staff, and flight attendants are based in Seoul.

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Origins and Ownership

Cho Yang-ho Korean Air CEONamed as Korean Air Lines, Korean Air was founded by the South Korean Government to replace Korean National Airlines in 1962; soon after, the Hanjin Transport Group took control of the airline in 1969. Long-haul freight operations was introduced on April 1971, followed by passenger services to Los Angeles in 1972.  

Cho Yang-ho, Korean Air’s Chairman and present Chief Executive Officer (1998-Present). He is also the chairman of the Hanjin Group, one of the largest transportation conglomerates, and was named to the position in 2003 after having served as the group’s vice chairman since 1996. Mr. Cho Yang-ho has a Bachelor’s Degree in Industrial Engineering from Inha University in 1975, and received an MBA from the University of Southern California in 1979, and a Doctoral Degree in Business Administration from Inha University in 1988. Ten years after–in 1998, Mr. Cho Yang-ho received an honorary doctorate degree in aviation business administration from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, Florida.  

What people are saying

It seems that the passengers of Korean Air, has been totally impressed with the airline’s service quality. As hundreds of positive reviews were posted on the internet, giving the airline an impression of being one of the best Asian airline, there is. I’ve read a review that compares Korean Air to other US-airlines, based on how they treat their customers; the review says that: while most of the airlines in the United States charges passengers everything from baggages to snacks and meals—Korean Airline and most of the Asian Airlines continues to offer top-notch services towards its passengers.

Here are some of the positive reviews that I’ve read:

Korean Air Economy

My FAVORITE airline. I’ve flown Korean Air, with my wife and kids, on 12 international flights in the last two years for relief/charity work in the Philippines. SFO-ICN-MNL. The economy service is “first class”. They were just ranked #2 in economy seat room. Even the food is great. There’s no such thing as perfect but Korean Air gets it real close. I’ve flown international a lot on different carriers and now I have my favorite. I would even fly out of the way just to fly with them. On our flight 2/27/2015 a flight attendant even carefully covered up my wife and laid her seat back when she noticed that she was asleep. Great customer care.”
—Trent G (San Jose, California)

Korean Air Business Class

“My mother had always told me Korean Air was outstanding, and what can I say, “Mother knows best!”  We recently flew Korean Air from SFO to ICN to CEB (12hr flight followed by 4hr flight).  Very comfortable, extra leg room, complimentary wine with meals, the food was excellent, extras like slippers, headsets, toothbrushes, etc. included.  The agents that checked us in, in both directions, made an effort to move us to a row without a middle passenger so that we could have the extra space.  At the start of the trip I had a nose bleed.  The flight attendant couldn’t be more concerned and attentive.  I appreciated her more than she’ll ever know.  Honestly, it was the best flying experience we’ve had to date!”
—Ronald C (Cathedral city, CA)

Korean Air Economy Meal

“I LOVE this airline, I think it has knocked Lufthansa out of 1st place in my list of favorites. the flight attendants look so cute in their Gianfranco Ferre outfits (tho they dont look that comfortable). Why are all the asian airline flight attendants so young and cute? Do they retire once they hit 30? All of the American companies have so many older, cranky ladies. Korean Air has great movie options in lots of different languages. They give out free packages on every flight with socks, an eye mask, a toothbrush and a tiny tube of paste, and some other stuff. I was pretty much the only non-Korean on my flight to Korea, so I had to eat their non-Korean food. the other stuff was already gone by the time they got to me. I had wanted to try their green tea breakfast porridge. But the other food was good too. Free alcohol as well. “
—Anna S (San Jose, California)

The Website

Korean Air Website

Korean Air’s website is a simple and vivid website, that welcomes every user of a slide, consisting of several Korean Air-connected pictures, that can surely get your attention. Scrolling down, 5 airline promos are listed. For more informations and details about Korean Air’s promos, you can click here.  

Korean Air Website

Contact information

  • Website URL: www.koreanair.com
  • Contact number: +82 21 588 20 01
  • Fax Number: +82 22 656 72 89
  • Head Office Address: 9th floor of Korean Air Building, 117 Seosomun-Ro (3-41, Seosomun-dong), Chung-gu, Seoul, South Korea

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A very convenient airport that provides top-notch services towards its passengers. Comfortable seats with desirable legrooms, favorable meals and snacks, approachable staff and crew. Truly, flying with Korean Air really exceeds the expectations of every passengers, giving them an efficient and relaxing flight.

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