Athens International Airport

Began its operation on March 28, 2001; and is the primary airport that serves the city of Athens in the city of Attica. Athens International Airport is Greece’s busiest airport, its serves as the hub and the main base of Aegean Airlines as well as other Greek airlines. Athens International Airport is considered the 30th busiest airport in Europe.  

Athens International Airport

Reviews – What People Are Saying

Reviews from the customers of Athens International Airport, are a series of good and negative feedbacks, though most of them are good; most of the negative feedbacks talks about the impoliteness of the airport’s staff. Though the airport shows a clean and spotless facilities, with interior designs and architectures that show a touch of the modern world; being friendly, approachable and polite towards the customers should really be one of the airport’s priority. Here are some of the reviews.

Athens is a beautiful world class airport. The signage is clear and the lines are not too long. The toilets were also very clean. My only qualm was that there was barely anything after security and I didn’t realise that the idea at this airport is to eat and drink etc first and then proceed to the departure lounge closer to the departure time. Nevertheless a pleasant airport and I liked that there was plenty of windows through which you could see the comings and goings on the tarmac.”
—B Chana (United Kingdom)

“Seats have metal handles, making it impossible to lie down and sleep, or even sit in a comfortable way. Loud elevator “relaxing” music plays all over the place, non stop, day and night, especially at night. Some employees are very nice, others are very rude.”
—Alex Jamesonn (Germany)

“Athens Airport is small and easy to navigate. The customs and luggage area was expedient and despite the fact that numerous flights landed at the same time, I didn’t have too wait long in the line. There are a lot of stores and the duty free area is really nice. The airport was also very clean.”
—George Vourderis (United States)

“Really boring, dark and unfriendly airport. From crowded and not organized check-ins, through chaotic security control (we went though with two 1-liter bottles of coke), to dark, crowded, unpleasant gate areas. Airport is grey and blue, nothing to remember, looks old and unfriendly. Duty free shops are just a standard selection, nothing special, everything looks cramped and congested. Hard to belive it is only 15 years old – looks much older.”
—S Nowak (Poland)


Athens International Airport
Athens International Airport is a fifteen year old airport, that shows a warm, serene and inviting ambiance, that also shows a modern touch. The airport currently has two terminals, the main terminal and the satellite terminal, which are accessible by an underground link from the main terminal. It is designed to be extended in modular approach over the ensuing years in order to accommodate increase in air travel.

Athens International Airport
The main terminal building handles the all-intra-Schengen flights as well as several non-Schengen flights. All of Athens International Airport’s 144 check-in desks are located in the main terminal, and has three separate levels: One for arrivals, one for departures, and a food court level completed with a view of the eastern runway.

As for the satellite terminal, the terminal has two levels. One for arrivals and one for departures. It is also accessible through an underground link complete with moving walkways. It is equipped with jet bridges and is capable of annual traffic of six million passengers.  

Location – Traffic – Service

Athens International Airport
Athens International Airport is located at Spata, a town located 20 kilometers east of Athens, Greece. There are several ways for a customer to reach the airport, one of these is by railway. A railway station is adjacent to the airport terminal. Athens Metro line 3 and Proastiakos run trains to and from this station. If you are using a car, the airport is accessible by the Attiki Odos toll from the centre and northern Athens, Varis-Koropiou Avenue from the western part, Laurio Avenue from the south, and Spata-Loutsa Avenue from the east. Three different parking lots are available on the site of the airport. You can also hail a taxi, or you can ride the bus. There are four bus lines, namely: X93, X95, X96, and X97 that you can ride in order to reach the airport.

Terminal Map

Athens International Airport
Contact info:

  • Airport Code: IATA: ATH – ICAO: LGAV
  • Phone number: (+30) 2103530000
  • Website URL:
  • Email:
  • Fax: (+30) 2103530001

Athens International Airport


Though most of the reviews about Athens International Airport, shows the variety of deals and services that the airport can offer its customers, they should also consider fixing the negative feedbacks that talks about the rudeness of some of their staff. Professionalism and attentive assistance is one of the keys for an airport to accommodate its passenger. Bottomline, Athens International Airport may seem to be new, yet a good airport with lots of deals to offer.

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