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Munich-Airport-Reviews-External-SignageFor an airline passenger, the best airport is one that has latest facilities and aesthetically pleasing terminals, these things can make flying slightly better. Be that as it may, not all airports need to have these sort of qualities just to give a decent air terminal experience.

In these Munich Airport (IATA Code: MUC) reviews, we are going to give voyagers an idea about one of the most loved airports in the world.

Passenger reviews of MUC

I don’t really find it strange how Munich Airport received such good reviews from passengers transited through the air terminal. The airport is famous for offering fast and convenient services, not only in terms of facilities but also on the overall passenger handling. Despite the fact that the terminal is somewhat old, it is still amongst the most well-kept up air terminals in Germany. As for the passenger reviews, Munich Airport is highly recommended by the travelers from different parts of the globe.

Inside the airport

Munich-Airport-Reviews-InteriorMunich Airport is quite large, spanning over of 15.6 kilometers. In view of its immensity, it’s unavoidable for a few travelers to lose their way in the large terminal. Luckily, the airport features several help desks; aside from that, air terminal staff are likewise prepared to help explorers particularly the individuals who need prompt help.

Several bathrooms are can be found in each terminal, furnished with toilets, showers, and sinks. Bathrooms are generally roomy and very much kept up. Additionally, all restrooms are equipped with vending machines that dispense toiletries such as shower gels and bath towels.

There are various shops and eateries located across the terminal. Passengers can enjoy with various neighborhood eateries and some popular fast food chains. As far as shopping choices go, a large shopping area is situated in the main terminal. Moreover, electronics and gift shops are also available.

If you need to connect to the internet, you may access the free airport WiFi.


Munich Airport is found 28.5 kilometers (17.7 miles) upper east of Munich, close to the old city of Freising. There are different methods of getting to and from MUC. The air terminal is available by means of Motorway A 92, which interfaces with Munich’s ring motorway A99 and motorway A9 (towards Nuremberg).

Location, traffic and service

Munich Airport serves as the 2nd busiest German airport as well as the 7th busiest air terminal in Europe. It can handle roughly of 39.7 million travelers annually, this number is expected to rise as Germany’s tourism industry is about to experience a significant boom in the following years.

Terminal map


Visit this page for the full airport guide.

Contact details

One of the best airports today

In view of these Munich Airport reviews, the airport may not  be as grand as Incheon Airport or Changi Airport, but it still manages to keep up just enough to give a decent travel experience to its passengers. A large number of travelers love this air terminal due to its cleanliness and overall efficiency. Certainly, Munich Airport deserves to be recognized to be among the best airports not only in Europe, but in the entire world.

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