O.R. Tambo International Airport International Airport

Also known Johannesburg International Airport. O.R. Tambo International Airport is a major international airport in Kempton Park, Ekurhuleni, Gauteng South Africa, near the city of Johannesburg. It serves as the primary airport for domestic and international travel to/from South Africa and is Africa’s busiest airport with a capacity to handle an approximate of 28 million passengers annually, with nonstop flights to all continents except Antarctica.

Formerly named after South Africa’s former prime minister: Jan Smuts (Jan Smuts International Airport), the airport was renamed in 1994, when the newly reformed South African government implemented a national policy of naming airports after politicians. The policy was however reversed later, and the airport was renamed again in 2006, after Oliver Tambo; a former president of the African National Congress.

O.R. Tambo International Airport is the hub of South Africa’s largest international and domestic carrier: South African Airways, and a number of smaller local airlines.  

O.R. Tambo International Airport

Reviews – What People Are Saying

The airport has been gaining lots and lots of positive reviews coming from its customers, giving the airport an impression of being a good airport, that provides the best facilities and services towards their customers. Here are some of the reviews:

O.R. Tambo International Airport

The best airport I have experienced in Africa yet. Clean, ambient and beautiful terminal building done with excellent and functional architecture. The aircraft viewing deck is a greatest gift to aircraft lovers. The several restaurants on site are a great convenience to the travellers. The many duty free shops are a delightful to shopping enthusiasts. I once made a bad experience where some guys tried to extort some money from me. I was privileged to be approached to give feedback to the airport authorities through an agent. I reported this and have never experienced it again. I hope they are no longer freely harassing and extorting people at all”
—Mathu Kanyitta (Via Google Reviews)

O.R. Tambo International Airport

“Lovely airport with an array of shops and restaurants. Well-organised customs. Baggage wrapping is advised as suitcases are known to miss stuff. One bag costs 70 Rand (7 $) to wrap.The other thing to beware of is the shops at the airport close by 8pm”
—Dorothy Ooko (Via Google Reviews)

O.R. Tambo International Airport

“Always receiving service with a smile. Its does not matter if it is a  Porter or a Policeman, when you ask them something they always assist. Usually if I just lifted my head the clear markings would be noted. A pleasure traveling through this airport.”
—Lambertus Johannes Marais


O.R. Tambo International Airport

The airport has six terminals, that can be broken down into three major areas as: The International Terminals, The Domestic Terminals, and The Transit Terminals. The Transit Terminal housed disused parts of the old domestic terminals. The airport is a hot and high airport, meaning: some aircrafts must reduced weight by loading less fuel than they would, otherwise.

Terminal Map

O.R. Tambo International Airport

Contact info:

  • Airport Code: IATA: JNB – ICAO: FAOR
  • Phone number: +27 (0)11 723 1400
  • Website URL: www.thehotline.co.za
  • Email: acsa@thehotline.co.za
  • Fax: +27 (0)11 453 9353
  • Address: 24 Johnson Road, The Maples Office Park, Bedfordview, JHB

O.R. Tambo International Airport


A big yet organized airport. But of course, like every other airports; O.R Tambo International Airport has its own flaws. But as long as they can still provide the best services, clean and organized facilities, a wide variety of good souvenir shops and restaurants–as long as they are able to pleased their customers and provide assistances to their concerns, then there won’t be any problem. Based on the reviews I’ve read and gathered, arriving at the O.R. Tambo International Airport can give a convenient and efficient experience.

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