Vienna International Airport

Located in Schwechat, south east of central Vienna and West of Bratislava. Vienna International Airport is Austria’s largest airport, so big that it can handle wide-body aircrafts such as the: Airbus A380 and Boeing 747. Vienna International Airport features a dense network of European destinations, as well as long-haul flights to Asia, North America and Africa.

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Reviews – What People Are Saying

The airport offers a decent architecture with outstanding interior designs that travelers will surely enjoy. Vienna International Airport also offers different souvenir shops and restaurants that serves delicious snacks and meals—even drinks. Not to mention the spotless facilities the airport also has. With these offers, Vienna International Airport are getting tons and tons of positive reviews coming from its customers. Here are some of the reviews:

Inside Vienna International Airport

I think I have been this Airport since the past free years, it changed a bit compared to the first time when I was here, it became more modern and Cleaner. In my opinion, Vienna got a really nice Airport, back then and now.  I could find basically everything I probably need when I’m traveling.  For example, it isn’t so difficult to find a plug to change, If your devices running out of power. And you could just find a nice seat, waiting for boarding time without going to a café or a restaurant.  Of course if you are hungry, there is even a food court there.”
—Torterry C (Berlin, Germany)

Inside Vienna International Airport

What makes a 5 star airport?  Modern, fully renovated and lack of lines definitely helps.  Free strong wifi where most European airports lack this also helps.Vienna airport excels as an airport where you can quickly get off the train, through passport control and to your gate in no time.  They structure the security at each gate while probably not the most efficient, cuts down on lines as you are only in the security lines with people at your own gate.”
—Michael L (Tampa Florida)


Inside Vienna International Airport

The airport has four terminal buildings namely: Terminal 1, 2 and 3 which are built directly against each other, as well as the additional Terminal 1A located opposite of Terminal 1. Terminals 1, 2, and 3 are connected to the five concourses as the central arrival halls for all terminals is located at Terminal 3.

Terminal Map

Vienna International Airport Map

Contact info:

  • Airport Code: IATA: VIE – ICAO: LOWW
  • Phone number: +43 1 70070
  • Website URL:
  • Flight Information: +43 1 7007 22233
  • Address: P.O. Box 1, A-1300 Vienna Airport, Austria

Vienna International Airport Logo


Vienna International Airport is Austria’s biggest airport and can be considered—probably as one of the country’s pride, especially for travelers. With its clean and spotless facilities, various shops and restaurants and outstanding architecture and interior design; arriving at Vienna International Airport must have been a wonderful and exciting experience.

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