CheapTickets is an online travel services company focusing on the leisure market, offering airline tickets, hotel and vacation rentals, as well as car rental services, customized vacation packages and even cruises. The company is wholly owned by Orbitz Worldwide, Inc., and with Expedia’s purchase of Orbitz, CheapTickets is automatically became a subsidiary of the said company.


Origins and Ownership

CheapTickets was founded in 1987 in Honolulu, Hawaii. Its founders Michael and Sandra Hartley dreamed of building an airline ticket consolidation company, where they could buy cheap tickets and resell these for relatively affordable price.

CheapTickets opened its first call center in Honolulu in 1987, and would later open call centers in Colorado, California and Florida. It was in 1997 when they first launched their website, and made them a pioneer in Internet travel sales.

What people are saying

Upon reading loads of comments from CheapTickets’ customers, I think it’s safe to say that people are disappointed on how the company treated them, after they have given them their trust and specially—money. Recent comments tells me how their customer service tends to neglect customer’s concerns, notifying them via email for once and then neglects them the moment after, customers tried to contact CheapTickets again to no avail.

I’ve read that in 2009, Orbitz was sued by the states of New Jersey for Consumer Fraud Act, relating for tickets offered for sale on CheapTickets Exchange. However, the company successfully claimed immunity and the case was dismissed.     

The Website


The website shows a simple page with different tabs and panels, that allows users to search for a flight, hotels, car rental services and even check their vacation packages, with their advanced options, users can also choose the kind of cabin class they desire. You can check CheapTickets’ promos and advertisements by clicking here.

Mobile App


On the other hand, CheapTickets also have their mobile app. Available for both Android and iOS, which you can download for free by just clicking the given links below.

CheapTickets for: iOS
CheapTickets for: Android

Contact information

  • Website URL:
  • Contact number: 844-766-5452 / 00 1 312-596-5786 / (888) 922-8849
  • Contact Email:
  • Head Office Address: 500 W Madison St STE 1000, Chicago, IL 60661


With the numbers of negative reviews coming from their customers, CheapTickets should take actions with these accusations and work well in giving their customers the assistance they need, regarding their complaints and issues. Hopefully, CheapTickets will act as soon as possible to regain their credibility and reliability, as well as for the benefit of their customers.

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