Today we’re going to be looking at the online travel agency called It’s a Canadian based website that focuses on making it easy for people to travel around the globe, particularly in Canada. Today, in this flighthub review we’re going to look at what people are saying about the massive online travel agency.

The first website that we’re going to look at in this Flighthub review is It’s a place that people can go to submit their reviews about their experiences with companies. Flighthub has a lot of reviews on this platform so let’s have a look at what they’ve been saying about the company.

FlightHub Reviews on SiteJabber


We can see that FlightHub has received many reviews on SiteJabber, 2,331 in total. They have a 3.5/5 star review which is pretty good considering people who write reviews online are generally angry. Also, if you look at the flighthub review star rating breakdown you’ll notice that all of the categories were rated highly, above 4 stars except for the shipping category. FlightHub doesn’t ship so its possible that this category skewed their overall results on SiteJabber. The next thing we’ll look at are some real SiteJabber customer reviews.

The online airline booking experience was uneventful, and when traveling by air, that is a good thing. Thank you.

 Leonard C.

The flighthub web page its very well done, everything is clear and easy to understand, this is something I really appreciate from flight pages. They offer good prices which is very good for someone who likes to travel, and the airlines are very good too. On my flight back, there was a delay, and we landed late but thats something that happens and totally understand.

 Priscilla G.
Flight hub has become a nice easy booking site to use. Good pricing etc. I have used them now two times for bookings between Kelowna and Comox one once between Kelowna and Vancouver.
The only complication I have had was with Flair Air. For some reason flights booked on Flair had a technical difficulty when trying to prepay for a checked bag. The agents at Flair were lovely and honoured the prepaid baggage check price.
Judith G.

The next website we’ll be looking at for FlightHub Reviews in TrustPilot. They’re a well known review platform which requires users to submit proof or purchase before submitting their review. This ensure that the customer review is valid and so we can use TrustPilot as a reliable source for legitimate FlightHub Reviews. Flighthub received a total of 74.000 reviews on TrustPilot and managed to garner a 4 out of 5 star rating.

Flighthub Reviews on TrustPilot

Let’s look at what people are saying about FlightHub on TrustPilot.


FlightHub is always Awesome. Fast and efficient and always the best prices. I have used them many, many times and never been disappointed. Keep up the Great Work!!


I had been yearning to book this trip for a while but it just wasn’t lining up. Suddenly the stars (my friends and time off work) aligned and I was able to book the perfect flights with Flighthub before you could say “surf’s up dude”. I was honestly expecting a hassle but it was perfect. 10/10

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