Gogobot is a local discovery and travel research application and website, headquartered in Menlo Park, California, United States. Gogobot is a travel-planning and local discovery service that is available for both web, and iOS and Android applications. Its services allows users to search for hotels, restaurants, and even activities in more than 60,000 destinations around the globe, users can also read reviews and browse photos from Gogobot’s community of travelers.

Gogobot Logo

Origins and Ownership

Gogobot was founded in 2010  by Ori Zaltzman and Travis Katz. Prior to founding Gogobot, Travis Katz was the senior vice president and managing director for Myspace International, and Ori Zaltzman was the lead architect for Yahoo! Boss and lead technologist at Yahoo! Answers. In 2011 Gogobot announced several system integration developments with companies including: Flipboard, Facebook, and Foursquare, that would allow users to connect to their friends and other users through aspects of their other social media platforms. As part of the planning aspect of the application, Gogobot users can plan out itineraries, organizing them day by day and syncing them to multiple devices. The company became the fastest growing travel website in 2013, achieving 3.7 million users.

What people are saying

Upon reading some reviews coming from Gogobot’s users made me realized how simple yet helpful Gogobot is. Some of these reviews are listed below:

Easy to use Trying to get a hang of using it, but i like it. It has its ease of use & no need to “check-in”. Although, I have yet not able to share it with not friend, (& I’m against FB) it asked if it could access my contact, but when I do search, no contacts found. Meh… I’m cool I’m the only one using this among my friends. But others might not be”

—Maria Bonilla (Via Google Play)

Best new app! I have found so many local events on this app that I would have never known existed without the app. I am new to the area and this is helping me find things I enjoy doing. I love that all the biggest and best festivals for the week are listed and you don’t have to go searching the web. Best new app!”
—Cassandra Nieves (Via Google Play)

Very informative. Even sends you emails about upcoming fun stuff you might want to check out. Its a wealth of fun and activities.”
—Tosha Morrison (Via Google Play)

“Finally android users can also enjoy this great app. It’s not just for travel, it’s great for local experience too. Other than being the best traveling app ever, you can also find amazing new places and events where you live. Instead of taking the Lonely Planet with me to a new traveling destination, all I need is my phone and I can even get my friends reviews on places around. I just love the postcard feature and I love the fact I can document the places I’ve been just by clicking one button.”
—Netta Denes Drimer (Via Google Play)

The Website

Gogobot Website

The website is simple, yet full of varieties. Scrolling down, you can check some of the reviews posted by Gogobot’s users; these reviews may vary from foods, restaurants, cities, or even activities around the globe, making it easier for new users to search and compare places while planning their vacation. Clicking on the Flight panel on the top most part of the website’s interface, the user will be directed towards a page where users can search for a flight, dedicated for the destination the user has chosen, and then compare the prices of every search results that will appear. You can check these amazing features by visiting Gogobot’s website, located on this link.

Gogobot Website

Gogobot also offers their mobile app, which offers the same features as their website. It is available for both iOS and Android, which you can download for free by clicking the links below:

Gogobot for iOS: Gogobot
Gogobot for Android: Gogobot

Contact information

  • Website URL: https://www.gogobot.com/
  • Contact number: 650-838-9877
  • Head Office Address: 650 Live Oak Ave. Menlo Park, CA 94025, USA

Gogobot Logo


In this review, we can all see that Gogobot’s simplicity doesn’t actually mean that it can never grow and develop its features, Gogobot’s amazing search engine helps every travelers in pointing out some of the best local spots. Restaurants, hotels, and many more. So, why don’t you visit Gogobot or download its Mobile app, and discover some favorable places, you never knew existed at your area.


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