Some of you may have noticed the increase in number of online travel agencies in the past few years. Due to the internet, or specifically social media, people began to admire the idea of travel. Such high demand makes for a great market. However, few OTAs actually deliver what they promise. In this blog post, we will be taking a look at, an Ontario-based online travel agency. Is FlightHub legit? Should you trust this business to handle your booking and especially your personal information? Let’s find out.

The FlightHub website

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First, let’s visit One can easily determine the nature of FlightHub’s business by simply looking a quick glance at their homepage. Those who wish to try their Search Flights, Hotels, or Cruises feature can do so for free. Aside from flights, hotels, and cruises, users may also use the Car Rental booking services. This layout is also used by several online travel agencies today due to its simplicity and effectiveness.

FlightHub’s support page provides information about booking rules and management. This page also acts as a frequently asked questions (FAQs) page. Customers who need help in completing their booking, amend their booking details, or simply know about their services and guidelines may proceed to this page.

I did notice that sometimes, their support page fails to load. Everytime this happens, I open a different website and experience no issue. I am guessing that this is a technical problem on their side that should probably be addressed.

Overall, their website proves to be functional and relatively fast. Searching for a flight, for example, can take less than five minutes if you have experience in booking your own flights online.

Contact information

For anyone who may be experiencing problems regarding their booking, it’s a good idea to contact directly contact FlightHub. Kindly view the contact information below.

What customers think

When people make reviews online, chances are that they’ve had a negative experience with the company. This isn’t the case for FlightHub. Commenters post both positive and negative reviews, giving them a balance and a sense of authenticity. Below, I’ve attached several customer reviews from various review sites like TrustPilot and SiteJabber. We hope that these will help you gain an idea on how FlightHub handles their services.

Customer reviews from TrustPilot

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“Very easy to book through, great guidance through options, and timely messages of itenary, receipt, etc.

— Vickie

Is FlightHub Legit - FlightHub Reviews 2

Not a bad service only that communication could be much better

— Monica

Is FlightHub Legit - FlightHub Reviews 3

FlightHub is really good in finding a good flight deals. The only issue is that it’s not accepting American Express card, that’s why I have a 4 star instead of 5.


Customer reviews from SiteJabber

Is FlightHub Legit - FlightHub Reviews 4

Easy to use, reasonable price. very happy with the purchase.

Is FlightHub Legit - FlightHub Reviews 5

The whole process of purchase was smooth and no hassle.

— Ken L.

When I flew the flight got cancelled and had to make some phone calls to get on a flight to make my connection. It took more time than it should of but at the end it worked out.

— Dennis M.

Should you trust FlightHub?

Trusting an online travel agency is an issue. Due to their online nature, you need to submit all your information and credit card details online. Fortunately for those who are planning to book via FlightHub, I’ve yet to find a review or thread that said anything about security compromisation.

The main problems that most people experience while using FlightHub occurs when it’s already time to contact the company directly. There were times that FlightHub’s contact numbers are unreachable. This communication issue is prevalent among most—if not all—online businesses today. If they manage to solve this, then they’d be a crowd favorite.

With their the secure transactions, fast website, and instant ticketing service, you can get to enjoy the convenience of purchasing your travel essentials anywhere you are. Thousands of customers also express their satisfaction online, and that is a feat in itself.

So is FlightHub legit? I’d say yes. If you are trying to look for cheap tickets, it wouldn’t hurt to try their website before you pay for anything.

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