Everybody adores the idea of purchasing the best travel bargains. This is precisely why such huge numbers of travel agencies, both online and those operating from brick-and-mortar offices, do all that they can to extend their associations with the biggest flight suppliers, hotel and accommodation organizations, and other travel-related companies. Be that as it may, it’s always a good idea to choose the right OTA that can cater to your needs. In this article, we will assess a specific online travel agency named JustFly. This OTA says that they aim to give the best travel budgets without subjecting their customers through the migraines and bothers of finding the ideal flight. Is JustFly legit? And can they really demonstrate their ability in such a huge industry? Read more to find out.

What is JustFly? A brief overview

This online travel agency launched in February 10th of 2014. They are based in U.S.A. but their online booking service is available internationally. JustFly.com is essentially a low-cost travel distributor and, as per their website, they want to be the main choice for travelers looking for the cheapest tickets and accommodations.

When the company launched, they originally only offered online flight booking services. After some time, JustFly began to offer online hotel room bookings, car rental services, and cruise trip tickets. With an increase in travel demand, JustFly continued to grow as the number of their customers started to rise.

JustFly was made possible due to a team of travel professionals, web developers, app developers, tourism experts, and customer service representatives. The team works together to constantly keep the services and pricing updated.

How do they do it?

JustFly is using a similar strategy that is also being used by other online travel agencies today. They begin by partnering up with airlines and other travel suppliers. What many people don’t realize is that these suppliers (e.g. airlines and hotels) often hold limited-time discounts and promos that can be easily bought by online travel agencies. For example, when airlines get unsold flight tickets to a destination, instead of letting these seats go unbooked, they would sell them to distributors at a lower price.

What makes JustFly different is that they are one of the first online travel agencies to access these flights. How do they do this? Simply put, JustFly has not only developed a strong business relationship with suppliers, they also have their own infrastructure that lets them purchase these tickets quickly.

JustFly customer reviews

To help you decide whether JustFly is the right OTA for you, take a look at some of the newest TrustPilot JustFly reviews from verified customers.

JustFly Reviews 1

I am handicapped and a lady called me to make arrangements for assistance. She was very pleasant; i couldn’t be more pleased w/her concern, suggestions, and seat assignment!!

JustFly Reviews 2

I couldn’t find a place I could enter my tsa pre check number. It also would be nice if I could have bought tickets for two people traveling at different times in the same transaction. We like to fly nonstop to sfo but the prices were too high so we are flying into San Jose, which is less convenient. I don’t suppose you could do anything about that. This frustrated me before I got on your site.

JustFly Reviews 3

My favorite website … I always have the best experience with justfly … thank you so much for the great service .

Somia Ebrahim , Washington DC

JustFly Reviews 4

It was nothing but pure ease of communication online when I went to JUST FLY and made my reservations. Top notch service! Thank you.

JustFly Reviews 5

Justfly is the cheapest flight ticket platform I found till now,and much convenient to choose airport and show me everything,layover,flight time and so on,first choose since I am here USA 8 months, bought fly ticket here when I went to Peru, Mexico, Cuba and San Francisco, Los Angeles! Great experience,will keep it all the time!

Is JustFly legit?

We say yes, JustFly is as legit as other online travel agencies today. With all the available cheap airline tickets, hotels, car rentals, and cruise trips in the world, getting a hold of the best deals is a dream. If you want to visit a place for whatever reason, it’s always a good idea to try and find a travel agency that will give you the most affordable option. Travel does not have to be expensive. Those who love trotting the world with a reasonable budget will definitely love JustFly.

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