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A travel company owned by the Swiss: Diethelm Keller Group. The company claims to be the world’s largest travel company for students and young people. With headquarters in Zurich and London, the STA group employs nearly two thousand people in over two hundred branches in twelve countries, with franchises and business partners in another 48 countries.

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Origins and Ownership

John Constable STA Travel CEOThere are different versions and details on how STA began, some say that it was established in 1971 by the Australian Union of Students(AUS), others claimed that it was Dick Porter and another student who had returned to Australia from a world-round trip, founded STA in 1976. But the most definite information about the establishment and foundation of the business that became STA, was in 1970. Originally trading as AUS Student Travel, the Australian business became insolvent in 1979, as its business including a related UK company, were acquired by Diethelm Keller in July of the same year (1979). It became Student Travel Australia, then became STA Travel later on.  

What people are saying

There are several reviews referring to the services of STA Travel and I’ve found some good reviews about the travel agency. Though there are some negative comments regarding the company’s services and customer service assistance, those reviews seems to be a bit outdated. I’ve found some freshly-posted reviews and you can read them by clicking this link.

I’ve read some of STA Travel’s reviews, and this seemed to be my favorite:

I have had nothing but wonderful experiences with STA Travel. Over the past decade, I have used them many times to book complex itineraries to Africa, Europe, and Australia. They’ve always saved me money, time, and worry. And they have been amazingly helpful and flexible when I’ve had to make changes to my itinerary. I am so glad that brick-and-mortar travel agents still exist! (I almost wrote “travel angels”… that would have been a fitting typo.) I like everyone in the Palo Alto office. Marin is great – she used to help me with my Africa fieldwork itineraries back in the UC Berkeley office. Charles and Tamara are really helpful too. They’re very responsive over email, over the phone, and in person. The best experience I’ve ever had with STA Travel was when I went on my honeymoon to Australia in December 2011. Thank goodness my husband and I booked through STA Travel instead of through a website, because… five minutes before we were supposed to leave for the airport, my husband couldn’t find his passport. Panic. Dread. And then… after turning the house upside down to no avail… we realized we were going to miss our flight. Distraught, we called STA. They told us to make an emergency appointment at the SF Passport Office the next morning to get my husband a new passport, and they managed to somehow rebook us on the same Virgin Australia LAX-SYD flight for the following night. FOR NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE. I do not know how they did that. They are wizards!!! We also had to book a new SFO-LAX flight, which we did have to pay for, but (even on less than 24 hours notice) STA managed to secure this for a comparable cost to our original flight. In the end, my husband and I only missed 24 hours of our honeymoon, and we barely incurred any additional travel cost. Without STA’s help, we could have waited for days and lost thousands of dollars. So, in summary, STA Travel has given me excellent customer service and invaluable peace of mind whenever I’ve had a complicated and/or international itinerary. I cannot recommend them highly enough. I am sorry to see so many negative reviews here… it sounds as though some customers are assigning blame where it does not belong. It is true that STA Travel cannot always save you money over online fares (especially if you’re not a student), but they’ve always been upfront about that fact with me. It is always the traveler’s own responsibility to check online fares first.”

—Amber K. (Mountain View, United States)

The Website

STA Travel Website

A website that displays a very vivid, colorful and refreshing interface, making it appealing (specially) for young people, the website allows a user to search for flights, hotels, tours and even travel insurance. You can check some of the company’s full detailed info regarding their policies and offers, by clicking this link.

Contact information

  • Website URL:
  • Contact number: 0333 321 0099
  • Head Office Address: Level 3 6 Riverside Qy, Southbank VIC 3006

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A travel agency that offers informative travel activities and professional accommodation towards their consumers. STA Travel provides an enjoyable deals and services and helpful and assistive customer service representatives that can help with your questions and concerns. Reading the reviews, I think it’s safe to say that STA Travel is not a bad travel agency, and like other travel agencies around the world: they have flaws. The company might not be perfect, but it’s good. Do you have any experiences with STA Travel? Tell us about it by commenting below!

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