Considered as the largest publisher of travel, entertainment and local deals.TravelZoo is a global internet media company, that publishes deals from more than two-thousand travel, entertainment and local businesses such as restaurants and spas. The company employs two-hundred-and-fifty deal experts worldwide who research, evaluate, negotiate and test offers to find and confirm the best deals. Each deal published by TravelZoo is tested for accuracy, availability and overall ease of the booking process.


What people are saying

Basically, TravelZoo has gathered the trust and loyalty of its customers and is still continuously gaining positive reviews coming from them. Here are the reviews that I’ve gathered:

Recommended by a friend, had not heard of them before, booked a short break to Rome/venice, so easy and reasonably cheap. Thank you to Steve who did all the booking for me, sorted in about 20 minuites, just cant wait to go now. Will definitely be using them again Mandy from Sussex”
—Brendan Algeo (United Kingdom)


“I look forward to the weekly ‘Top 20’ email and find it usually contains something of interest. Some of the offers are really outstanding value and we have had some great 2 day breaks. I can recommend signing up for the regular emails as you have nothing to lose and potentially some great offers to gain! A little message to the researchers of these offers – Well done and keep searching…Many Thanks :-)”
—Clifford Simmons (Via

“Using the voucher was a breeze compared to other companies that offer vouchers for services. The vendor that I visited was great and there were no issues or questions about using the voucher. I was actually able to enjoy my experience at the restaurant! Will definitely purchase from Travelzoo again.”
—Tara (Via

The Website


A colorful website that welcomes you with a moving photo of a beach, the playful tides, and the sunset that lies on the vast horizon. The website offers searches of different travel deals like vacation packages, short trips, hotels, the user’s favorites, nearby activities and even their famous top 20. Scrolling down, you will discover some travel stories that promotes different places with different designated prices. You can TravelZoo’s website by clicking this link.


They also offer their mobile app, which is both compatible for Android and iOS, and you can download it by clicking the links, given below:

TravelZoo: iOS
TravelZoo: Android

Contact information

  • Website URL:
  • Contact number: +1-877-665-0000 / 1-877-665-0000
  • Contact Email:
  • Head Office Address:  590 Madison Avenue, New York, NY 10022, United States



A travel website that offers a wide variety of travel deals to choose from. Cheap yet efficient, convenient and affordable. TravelZoo ensures its customers to have a hassle-free booking, without the frustration of getting hidden-charges along the procedures. The company offers a reliable and trustworthy services, and I think that’s what every traveler wants.

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