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Venere Reviews LogoWhether you like it or not, online travel agencies are slowly but steadily dominating their traditional counterpart. I am pretty sure you already know why. It’s because of convenience. Convenience  brought by not having to leave your house, convenience of not having to talk to an agent who may or may not have an idea of what an “ideal” vacation is and the convenience of being able to book/cancel/rebook whenever and wherever you want.

While this seems promising (and it is, as long as you know what you’re doing), not all OTAs prioritize their customers’ welfare. In fact, a lot of OTAs you may find scattered around the web are nothing but money-grabbing machines. With that in mind, today, we will be looking at the different Venere reviews that I’ve found on the internet. Is this OTA trustworthy or is it just another avaricious biz? Let’s find out.

So, What is Venere?

Venere is a booking agency only focusing on providing an online platform for people who are in need of hotel, guesthouse, bed and breakfast, or vacation reservations. The company’s head office can be currently found somewhere in Rome, Italy.

Brief History and Background

Venere Reviews Birth of VenusThe company was founded in the year 1994 by four individuals. Publicity and advertising strategies commenced in February 1995, but only for accommodations located inside Florence and Rome. This was also the year when they got their first customer.

Their logo depicts the head of an orange-haired lady whose locks seem to be being blown by the wind. This logo was based on the “Birth of Venus”, a painting by a 1480’s Italian painter by the name of Sandro Botticelli.

People’s Thoughts on Venere

After a bit of searching, I was finally able to find some reliable Venere reviews that talk about both the good and the bad sides of Venere.

One customer felt “wrung out” after he completed his long and complicated booking transaction. According to him, despite getting what he had paid for, he had to make five international phone calls and even had to contact Visa to file a complaint. Low prices shouldn’t subject you to such headaches, folks.

Another passenger said that a higher amount was deducted from her card. She had tried contacting them to no avail, and even added that the hotel she was booked at was more responsive that the company (Venere) who had done the booking. The extra charge still hasn’t been refunded to this day.

Looking At Their Website

Venere Reviews WebsiteBecause Venere is simply a hotel booking site, no web check is necessary. Customers may simply check in to the hotel once they arrive. As of the moment, the company only offers accommodation deals and vacation packages. No airline flight booking or car rental reservation is available on their website.  The site also has a mobile application available for Android and iOS. Those who download will be given a code which gives customers a 12% coupon discount.

Their website uses orange as their most prominent color, which is probably also based on their Venus logo. The website is clean and the information is presented properly, also, no ads can be found on the page. However, the buttons aren’t really responsive and the pages use minimal effects, making the website look flat and a little dull.

Customer Services

Customers in need of assistance may call the Venere customer support team by dialing: 06361921 for local and +61-2-8023-8756 for international calls, or they  may contact them via fax: 0636192555. For PR and communication-related issues, you may email them here:

Contact Details

  • Website URL:
  • Contact number: 06361921 or +61-2-8023-8756 (international calls)
  • Contact Email:
  • Fax Number: 0636192555
  • Head Office Address: Via della Camilluccia, 693 00135 Roma

Needs Some Drastic Improvement

Reading the Venere reviews above really makes you think: “How are these companies getting away with this?!” Excess charges, unresponsive customer support, undelivered refunds, painstakingly complicated ticketing process and an overall horrible customer service.

Online travel agencies are meant to provide customers an easier, more convenient way to achieve their well-deserved vacations. But that doesn’t seem to be the case here. Instead, most of these agencies seem to be bent on inducing headaches to their poor customers.

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