Traveling has become one of the most sought-after activities in the world today. People simply want to see, feel, and experience places and cultures that are different than their own. With this demand comes a lot of opportunities for the industry to grow into. Back in the day, traveling isn’t really as available as it is now. People who would like to travel would need to have a large sum of money in their bank accounts because the activity was seen as something for the folks of the upper class as the prices and fees were unbelievably high. Luckily, various organizations has paved the way for a more open, accessible, and affordable world. The internet has also exponentially speed up this growth. With the internet’s power, some travel businesses decided to migrate to the world wide web and solely offer their services there. These businesses are now called online travel agencies.

Today, we’ll take a look at one of the most well-loved budget OTAs: This online travel agency prides itself for providing some of the cheapest travel ticket prices to date. Why use JustFly? Do you dream of experiencing the wonders of the world but are worried about spending a fortune on tickets and hotels?  Then you should definitely check out this OTA. Let’s find out more. – What is it?

Why Use JustFly? - About JustFly

As stated above, is an online travel agency that re-sells travel tickets at discounted prices. This U.S.-based company is known for offering a wide array of options that users can book from their website. The company began in February 10th, 2014 and has been in business ever since. As of today, the online travel agency offers four main services:

  • Airline tickets
  • Hotel bookings
  • Car rental services
  • Cruise trips

You should know that JustFly, like most online travel agencies, are not direct sellers but are merely third-party distributors. However, if you do some exploring on their website, you may find that they offer some flights, hotel bookings, car rental services, and cruise trips that are sold at cheaper prices–in fact, they can sell tickets cheaper than the suppliers themselves.

How do they do it? JustFly has created its very own system which allows them to get early access to limited-time promos, discounts, and travel bundles from their partnered companies. Speaking of which, JustFly has partnered with more than 440 international airlines as well as 10,000+ hotels, car rentals, and cruise lines form all around the globe. Some tickets may be cheaper because they are exclusively sold to OTAs while others may have lower prices because they are unsold seats from previous promos that have been sold to JustFly at a discount.

Enjoy cheap trips without having to splurge

When booking travel services and tickets, you may think that you are required to spend thousands of dollars. That is FAR from the truth. If you’re a wise traveler or someone who is always keeping watch of their balance, you can easily enjoy your trip without the need to splurge on everything. JustFly wants to teach travelers that there are better, far cheaper alternatives to traveling and just because something is affordable doesn’t mean that it is of inferior quality.

JustFly’s commitment to transforming travel into a much cheaper, more available, and a truly exciting activity is what makes it one of the best online travel agencies of today. Despite being fairly new to the OTA industry, it has already managed to solve some of the biggest barriers that other OTAs still struggle with. They managed to stay afloat while still providing low-cost services, their customer service is stellar, and they are constantly searching for ways to improve their services.

If you want to experience the world without spending a fortune, go ahead and try out Let us know what you think of this low-cost OTA!

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