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Origins and Ownership

Travelling abroad is a liberating experience, but will take its toll on your resources. Apps like American International Group’s AIG Travel Assistance offer a helping hand to travellers to keep them safe and secure so they could focus on their travel. The app can insure your trip goes smoothly and leaves you well-informed about various matters, more aware, and protected.

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In our AIG Travel Assistance app reviews, we look at this app’s main services and features and what users think of them. We hope that these AIG Travel Assistance reviews help.

Services and Features

AIG Travel Assistance roots from the American International Group, which was established in Shanghai, China in 1919 by Cornelius Vander Starr. AIG or American International Group, a multinational insurance corporation, is one of the largest companies in the world, insuring some of the biggest companies throughout America and the world.

The AIG Travel Assistance app covers a lot of information you will need to organize your travels and safety while abroad. Packed with a lot of features, the app gives you the ability to contact emergency hotlines at a single touch, access an Assistance ID card in the event of your physical card getting lost, and helps you with further information on your health and other matters with their Medical Translations Tool and Drug Brand Equivalency Tool which translate medical terms and phrases and drug names.

AIG Travel Assistance App Reviews 2017 mobile screenshotFor information about the countries and how to stay safe or how safe they are for travel, numerous travel safety videos, comprehensive Country Reports, and Security Travel Alerts keep you posted on what to look out for.

Reviews of Customers

AIG Travel Assistance app reviews were terrible. The most recent ones said the app didn’t work properly, wouldn’t let users log in or enter the correct policy number, and more. Jeff Albert wrote “This app is a joke! Can’t even create an account. Also, what’s with all the different “United States” locations? No clue what they all mean. Either fix it or take it down!” Another reviewer said the “App will not register Had problems registering at first but 24 hours later was fine. Lots of useful information available and should prove to be an asset.”

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How To Reach Them?

Do Not Use This Travel App

AIG Travel Assistance App Reviews 2017 brand iconThe AIG Travel Assistance app did disappoint, considering their features seemed interesting. The AIG Travel Assistance app reviews on their Google Play page showed us they were difficult to use and gave people more problems. For such important uses, I wouldn’t trust this app to function or give you the results. Their team should improve the functionality. Other than that, other AIG Travel Assistance app reviews writers actually found the AIG Travel Assistance app to be a great travel helper.

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