Priceline App Reviews 2017

Origins and Ownership

The Priceline app is the mobile version of the Priceline travel agency. It promises the lowest prices on your bookings, be it for a hotel, flight, or car rental service that can take you around the world for less.

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In our Priceline app reviews, we take a closer look into the services of the travel app and what people think of using them. We hope that these Priceline app reviews help.

Services and Features

You can watch the prices of hotels, flights, and car rental services drop with American travel Priceline app. With the app, you can quickly book low-priced travel deals wherever you are, towards a large number of destinations, with more than 800,000 rooms worldwide, or with 22 car rental brands in more than 28,000 locations across the world.

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You can get great deals on domestic or international flights. Searching for your hotel or rental car service on the Priceline app can be done by entering in the city, address, or point of interest. Some of the hotels featured on the app, on the other hand, are exclusive to the service. With the Priceline app’s Express Deals®, users can get as much as 60% off and even more with their Name Your Own Price® feature.

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You can check and manage your trip easily using the app’s My Trips feature. Also, you can get personalised recommendations on hotels and uncover more deals as you use the Priceline app.

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Reviews of Customers

Priceline app reviews detailed many facets of the app service. Recently, one of the Priceline app review said, “I have been trying to book a flight for three days now. Using different servers & everything but I continue to receive an error, that “this flight can’t be booked but find another.” The online chat is a joke as they cannot do anything & there is no way to speak to anyone human. JUST SUCKS!!!” Another of the Priceline app reviews said it “Misused its loyal customer base for the greedy deals with bad hotels. Ended with worst hotels with misleading ratings.”

Priceline App Reviews 2017 user

Most Priceline app reviews said the app’s dealings with hotels ruined them. Others write that they were rude and unfriendly to customers, and that the hotels turned out to be disasters.

How To Reach Them?

Do Not Use This Travel App

Priceline App Reviews 2017 brand iconBased on reading a number of Priceline app reviews, I would not recommend this service. Not only do they seem disinterested in helping their customers, their hotels services in particular proved to be consistently lousy. Overall, their customer service is really poor, confusing, and unhelpful.

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