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Traveling has always been among the best activities that helps us de-stress and gather new experiences. However, many people — especially those who have yet to travel themselves — view it as expensive and inconvenient. With the fast-paced lifestyle that many of us are living nowadays, we no longer think of slowing down. Fortunately, several companies developed travel apps that helps minimize the inconveniences that travelers experience.

Today, we will take a look at the Travelocity mobile app to see the useful features that it offers. Also, let’s see what travelers think of the application by looking at the latest Travelocity App reviews from various sources.

History and ownership

travelocity-app-reviews-carl-sparks-ceoBefore anything else, let’s take a quick look at the company’s history. Travelocity was established in the year 1996 as a subsidiary of Sabre Holdings which is also a subsidiary of American Airlines. In 1999, it became associated with AOL’s travel portal, and by 2000, the company was merged with another online travel agency called Preview Travel.

Since 2011, the President and Chief Executive Officer of Travelocity has been Carl Sparks. He is a graduate of Princeton University as a summa cum laude and also earned his MBA from the Harvard University.

About Travelocity

According to their website, Travelocity is known as one of the first travel agencies that connects their customers directly to travel service providers. This means that the customers no longer need to transact with middlemen.

A look at the app


Apparently, if your first hotel booking made through the app exceeds $99, you will get a $25 discount. It also features “Mobile Exclusive Discounts and Promos”. This is the main reason why a lot of their customers downloaded the app. Aside from hotels, customers can also use the app to book flights, car rental services, and activities.

Customer reviews

Now, let’s check out the Travelocity App reviews to see what people think of the app. Based from what I found, a lot of people seem to regret their decision of booking through the app. Many people said that they downloaded the app after finding out about the $25 discount on their first app booking, however, the discount seemed to be fake. Here are some of the Travelocity App reviews:

While searching for hotel rooms from the road… We were unaware that Travelocity was showing prices with all the maximum discounts available. So when we got to the hotel it was considerably more money because we were not AARP eligible or AAA discount eligible or military discount eligible. Thanks Travelocity.

— Keith Lapointe

Don’t see any way to combine hotels and flights. There’s more to life than just hotels, and more than just flights. Need to be able to combine them.

— N.R. Bovee

The verdict

If you want to reduce the costs of your travel, I highly suggest that you do not use this app. While they have an extensive list of hotels and other travel services, they won’t help you save money for your next trip. Don’t be fooled by their so called “discounts” because you will eventually end up spending more that you need to.

What do  you think of the Travelocity App reviews above? Do you agree with them or not? Let us know in the comments below!

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