World Travel App Reviews

World Travel App offers comprehensive tourist information for 20,000 destinations around the world. The app works even without internet connection, so you can use and access information even when you’re in the most remote places in the world. In this World Travel App Reviews we will discuss the features of the app and how you can load it on your device.

World Travel App’s Services and Features

World Travel App Reviews - Travel Guide

You can download and use World Travel app to plan your next adventure. It has a collection of articles on various attractions, bars, culture, entertainment, history, hotels, nightlife, restaurants, sights,transportation and other information travelers like you might need.

World Travel App Reviews - Travel Guide

Using this app, you can are given access to a phrasebook for many languages to help you communicate with the locals from your destinations. You can also store your notes and lists of travel destination, exciting activities and your favorite places.

World Travel App Reviews - Offline Map

World Travel App will also allow you to explore different travel destinations offline. All the information that you might need are already loaded on this app so you can say goodbye to expensive roaming data charges while travelling. You can also sync and backup your notes between devices.

Reviews/ What Users Have to Say

“Very disappointed I had originally downloaded the south america app, but was prompted to get this one as the other would no longer be updated. After a substantial and uncalled for content download (the description says 300mb and the download was 800mb) I searched for Bogotá, the first stop on my upcoming trip. I got an error and the content didn’t work. So, after paying for an app and spending close to an hour installing the content, it doesn’t even work as well as the outdated one! Very disappointed” – steven christov (via

World Travel App Reviews - Customer reviews

“I was never able to download this app completely. I even uninstalled a number of other apps to make room for it. But, even with Amazon’s excellent customer service helping, we were unable to download the app to my Kindle Fire. The information may be excellent. But, if it can’t be downloaded, then what’s the point? But, thanks to Amanda in Customer Service for trying to help. You deserve 5 stars.” – Scarlett O’Hara (

A number of World Travel App Reviews say that the customers are not satisfied after paying for the app only to find out that the destination that they want to go to is not available or not working in the app.

How To Reach Them?

To Sum It Up

Loading this app on your device is like paying for or buying the maps of your favorite destinations. The advantages are: you can access it offline and it’s paperless so you don’t have to worry about what you’re gonna do with it after it had served its purpose.

Let us know what you think about this app in this World Travel App Reviews.

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