Looking for a unique museum to visit? You might want to check out these 4 Strangest Museums in the world.

Museum of Broken Relationships

4 Strangest Museums in the World - Museum of Broken Relationships

The Museum of Broken Relationships was founded by Olinka Vistica and Drazen Grubisic who are both artists from Croatia. The two were actually lovers until things fell apart in 2006. Not knowing what to do with the photos and presents that they have collected during the span of their relationship, the two decided to start a museum to house all of their precious yet awkward mementos instead of just tossing them into the bin. The museum is located in Zagreb and a second one opened later on in Los Angeles. These museum has accepted a lot of donations from former lovers from around the world.

Museum of Death

4 Strangest Museums in the World - Museum of Death

Founded by J.D. Healy and Cathee Schultz, the goal of the Museum of Death is to “take away the stigma of people being afraid of dying”. Although the museum was established for such good intentions, it does not change the fact that the museum is creepy and it can easily scare the souls out of the faint hearted. The museum, located in California, features a wide array of creepy artifacts like death masks, caskets, genuine shrunken heads, different skulls from both humans and animals, a collection of body bags, mortician instruments, a hunter’s axe and other eerie materials. Its second branch in New Orleans displays a wisp of Nicole Brown Simpson’s Hair, Jack Kervorkian’s Suicide Machine, images of dismembered corpses and car accidents. To be added to the collection are the preserved bodies of its founders when they pass away.

Spear Hunting Museum

4 Strangest Museums in the World - Spear Hunting Museum

The Spear Hunting Museum in Summerdale Alabama was founded by Eugene Morris in 2006. The museum is “dedicated to the glory of killing animals” with the use of spears as well as the glory of the founder who is the self-proclaimed greatest spear-hunter in the world. According to Morris’ website he has stabbed almost 600 animals to death. The Spear Hunting Museum houses a wide variety of deer heads, decapitated pigs, warthog and a bison. It also has a lion, an alligator, an eland, a zebra and a gemsbok. ┬áThe founder this method of killing which involved sitting on a tree and stabbing the prey as it passed by than shooting the animal with a rifle. Ironically, Morris died while spear hunting in 2011.

Baked Bean Museum of Excellence

4 Strangest Museums in the World - Baked Bean Museum of Excellence

Food Museums are quite popular nowadays, but one of the most unique attractions, especially in the United Kingdom is the Baked Bean Museum of Excellence. Barry Kirk. the founder of the museum, developed an alter ego, Captain Bean, who fights for justice, truth and the “legume way”. He is known for doing slimy stunts for charity like having 60 kidney-shaped seeds tattooed on his head, soaking in a tub of beans for 100 hours and running for office as a member of the New Millennium Bean Party. Those who visit his pad are greeted by Captain Bean, wearing an orange suit and glasses, and are given a tour of the place to show his collection of baked bean memorabilia including a baked bean clock, bean-shaped mugs, and many cans of beans.

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