Tired of the mainstream activities and attractions in London? Go over this list of Five unique activities you can do when you’re in London

  1. Look for Platform 9 3/4

Five Unique Things You Can Do in London - Platform 9 3/4Harry Potter fans all know that the best way to reach the prestigious Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry is be getting aboard the Hogwarts Express. Platform 9 ¾ is situated at King’s Cross Station, which was later used as one of the shooting locations of the film. The famous platform is marked by a trolley disappearing into the barrier. Accordingly, the erected barrier remains solid, while muggles are welcome to try to cross the barrier, they are strongly advised not to do so.

  1. Present your case to the world famous consulting detective and be Sherlocked

Five Unique Things You Can Do in London - Sherlock Holmes MuseumDo you have a case you can’t quite solve? Why not step back in time and pay a visit to the famous consulting detective Sherlock Holmes. If you’re worried about getting lost, don’t be. You have absolutely nothing to worry about. Landmarks can be found from the station to the busy streets. On your way to the museum you will see many restaurants and stores with themes and names following the story of Holmes. 

Remember, the address is 221B Baker Street.

  1. See a movie under the stars

Five Unique Things You Can Do in London - Open-Air CinemaOne of the five unique activities you can do while in London is to experience watching a film under the stars. Forget the comfort of sitting in a closed area and enjoy the experience of watching the movie sitting on the grass or foldable chairs, your legs covered in blankets in an open area. If you need a very short break from the film you’re watching you can look up or around and enjoy the beautiful scenery instead of simply checking your phone to check your messages. For a unique experience you can choose from one of the best Open-Air Cinemas in London namely, Pop-Up Screens, The Luna Cinema, Where is the Nomad, Rooftop Film Club, and The Scoop.

  1. Share you thoughts

Five Unique Things You Can Do in London - Speaker's Corner

A penny for your thoughts? If you want to share your opinion or simply listen to others who want to express their thoughts about the issues going on around the globe; race, ethnicity, religion, wars, or anything under the sun, Hyde Park has this spot called the Speaker’s Corner. It is an open area where public speaking, debate and discussions are more than welcome.

  1. Escape the Locked Room

Five Unique Things You Can Do in London - Escape the Locked room

If you are fond of solving riddles and mysteries, you and your buddies and try to escape the locked room in 60 minutes. Escape Plan, HintHunt, Secret Studio, and Mind the Game are only few of the establishments you can visit to try this thrilling game. Forget about taking too much selfies, enjoy every minute with your friends and loved ones and escape the room altogether.

Five Unique Things You Can Do in London - Escape the Locked room

I hope you enjoyed reading this list of Five Unique Things You Can Do When You’re in London. Don’t forget to share with us your comments, suggestions and reactions.

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