Everybody loves pizza, who doesn’t? The combination of cheese, tomatoes, and different toppings melted into the thinnish crust of dough is simply magic! The mouthwatering aroma of freshly-made pizzas never failed to make everyone hungry, and seeing those melted sting of cheese being pulled up until they snap really makes it better.

Pizza was invented in Naples, Italy, and since then; different variations of pizzas emerged from every city in every country. Pizza is a well-known food, but where to find the bests? In this review, we’re going to tackle some of the best pizzas from around the globe, that you should try.

Pepe in Grani – Naples

Pepe in Grani - Naples

Situated 50km from Naples, Pepe in Grani, has become a world-renowned pizza destination. The master-craftsman behind this delicious piece of art: Franco Pepe, has painstakingly perfected his closely-guarded recipe. Combining ancient techniques and various flavors, he has created a masterpiece. He researches and studies every ingredients, then carefully develops the dough according to the flour, the humidity and temperature. Their best-seller: The Margherita, is a simple pizza blended with the finest ingredients and combined with Franco Pepe’s expert skills and passion for making delicious thick-crust pizza. With the combination of light dough and local produced, Pepe in Grani’s Margherita celebrates Italy at its finest.

Di Fara – Brooklyn

Di Fara - Brooklyn

There’s a lot of pizzas in New York City, but Di Fara is considered by many to be New York’s best pizza. It was in 1964 when the Italian immigrant Domenico DeMarco opened Di Fara Pizza in the Midwood section of Brooklyn. As DeMarco himself, explained in a New York Times article in 2004: He said that he uses fresh ingredients, and that’s the secret of his delicious pizzas. He uses fresh tomatoes, which he ordered from Salerno Italy. The Mozzarella, Parmesan He uses were from Italy too, ordered from his hometown in the province of Caserta. You can technically say, that it’s an Italian pizza, lost in the city of Brooklyn. The thin crust, topped with tomatoes and cheese makes every bite a massive explosion of flavors, accented by parmesan and herbaceous fresh basil: It easily stands among the titans of New York Pizza.    

La Mezzetta – Buenos Aires

La Mezzetta - Buenos Aires


Just one slice of onion-cheese Fugazetta, and your pizza life will be change forever. Fugazetta is a stuffed Argentinian pizza, exploding with onions and mozzarella. The double-crusted pie of cheese, onions and oregano is truly special! You should check it out! La Mezzetta is located at: Av. Alvarez Thomas 1321, Buenos Aires, Argentina. They are open from Monday to Saturday from 8am to 1am.

Buddy’s – Detroit

Buddy's - Detroit

Opened in 1936 as “Blind Pig” to avoid alcohol ban. In 1946, the owner: August Gus Guevarra, turned the bar into a tavern and introduced his version of Sicilian Pizza. The dough is prepared in a square, well-seasoned and buttered pan, and is then covered in brick cheese which is saltier than Mozzarella and paved with pepperoni, then they uniquely ladle the sweet tomato sauce on top of the pie. Fresh from the oven, the thick melted cheese corners gives off a butter crunch. The rest, they say, is culinary history. Since then, Guevarra’s signature, Detroit-style pizza has been lauded in numerous nation best pizza lists. You can find Buddy’s Pizza at 19163, Mack Avenue, Grosse Pointe MI 48236, United States.

Story Deli – London

Story Deli - London

A crunchy Margherita, more brittle than the traditional one and closer to a Roman pizza than the Neapolitan style. Brushed with La Macina Ligure, a creamy Genovese basil pesto, Story Deli’s Margherita is scattered with fresh cubes of mozzarella, organically-grown tomatoes and freshly-grated: Parmigiano-Reggiano, who doesn’t want that? The owners: Ann Shore and her husband Chef Lee Hollingworth, have taken over operations of this simple english pub in the heart of Little Horwood Village. This historic site, boasts an outdoor beer garden, oak beams and roaring fireplace inside. They also include free Wifi, excellent food and drinks, and even entertainment. Story Deli can be found at: The Little Shoulder of Mutton, 30 Church Street, Little Horwood Buckinghamshire MK17 0PF. Opens daily from Sunday to Thursday, at 12PM to 11PM.    


There is more to the lists, when it comes to identifying the best pizzas around the globe. Those buttery crusts that differentiate from thin to thick, the sweet aroma of tomatoes, creamy melted cheese and flavorful toppings. What’s not to love about pizzas? But then again, these five pizzerias made it to this list and is just waiting to be visited. Try their pizzas and tell us your experience by commenting below!  

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