It may be not be the season for frights and screams and you feel that you want to be alone so no one can remind you of how happier Christmas would be if you have a significant other, but these places will surely make you wish that you have someone (alive) beside you when you read this. These places may not give you happy, ticklish feeling of being in love, but it will surely send shivers down your spine. Just right for the cold season, don’t you think?

1.  Clark Air Base Hospital, Pampanga

5 Haunted Places in the Philippines - Clark Air Base Hospital

This abandoned hospital in Angeles, Pampanga served as the refuge of many American soldiers during the war. It’s walls witnessed all negativities brought about by violence and countless deaths. Clark Air Base Hospital has been featured in National Geographic’s horror series entitled, ‘I wouldn’t Go There’ and Ghost Hunters International called the hospital as one of the most haunted places in the world. The ghosts in this hospital are not your everyday harmless ghosts, because the spirits here are believed to be so violent that they allegedly throw objects at unwelcome visitors.

2. Diplomat Hotel, Baguio City

5 Haunted Places in the Philippines - Diplomat Hotel

Diplomat Hotel was built in 1911 as a seminary, turned into a school before it became the haunted hotel we know today. It is said that nuns and priests were beheaded here by Japanese soldiers during the second World War. This explains why there were sightings for headless nuns and priests were seen by some of the visitors. In some stories shared by other visitors, wails of babies and children, especially along the fountain where babies were believed to be massacred, are often heard by the people who live in the vicinity. This hotel was abandoned for a long time, but some of the areas are now open for different functions.

3. Laperal White House, Baguio City

5 Haunted Places in the Philippines - Laperal White House

Third on our list of 5 Haunted Places in the Philippines is the Victorian-style house located in #14 Leonard Wood Road in Baguio was owned by the Laperal Clan. During the second world war, Japanese Soldiers used this house as a temporary garrison. According to caretakers, this house witnessed numerous acts of torture and killings during the war. Jeepney and taxi drivers reported seeing apparitions through the windows. The home is now open and houses a variety of bamboo crafts made by local artist.

4. Herrera Mansion, Quezon

5 Haunted Places in the Philippines - Herrera Mansion

In 1920, Tomas Mapua designed this stone mansion that lies in Tiaong, Quezon. The house belonged to a married couple, Isidro and Juliana Herrera and is believed to be the oldest house in the area. The house survived the World War II but locals claim to see apparitions of a married couple clad in white and headless Japanese Soldiers also roam around the mansion. Others reportedly heard the sound of shackled walking and dragging of chains and heavy cold air that wraps around unwelcome guests.

5. Bahay na Pula, Bulacan

5 Haunted Places in the Philippines - Bahay na Pula

The Illusorio Mansion or Bahay na Pula is located in San Ildefonso Bulacan. The mansion is one of the many houses taken by the Japanese army. The Japanese soldiers used the house as a garrison where they reputedly massacred many guerrilla soldiers and rape the women of Bulacan. The reported massacres that occurred in Bahay na Pula resulted to many tales about restless spirits seeking justice and revenge on their oppressors. Chains being dragged on the hardwood floors, balls and coins bouncing down the stairs were some of the noises heard coming from the mansion. Some say that hidden treasures, guarded by snakes, are buried underneath the red house.  

I hope this article on the 5 Haunted places in the Philippines did not scare you enough that you would lie awake, waiting for Santa Claus to magically fall down from the chimney. But I do hope that reading this list of 5 Haunted places in the Philippines made you realize that Christmas will be a whole lot better when you spend it with people you love, instead of locking yourself inside your room. Happy Holidays.

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